Why Bodhisattvas Don’t Defend Themselves

We have just published the next article in the series of Rinpoche’s recent teachings on ‘Training the Mind in Compassion’, called Why Bodhisattvas Don’t Defend Themselves.

In the article, Rinpoche discusses how a bodhisattva—someone whose action is motivated solely by wishing to bring benefit and happiness to others, without considering what the consequences might be for themselves—will never respond to others with anger or aggression. Even if they are attacked, mistreated or criticized, they will only ever respond with love and compassion.

“Ordinarily we try to keep good things such as happiness, success and prosperity for ourselves, while we prefer to give to others all the things we don’t want. However, the bodhisattva attitude is the complete opposite of how we normally operate.”

With video extracts and examples of masters who actually put this advice in to practice, this article celebrates the attitude of fearless compassion for others that has been demonstrated in the actions of great practitioners ever since the Buddha first taught the path to enlightenment.

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