Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche


A Letter to Comfort and Console the Mind

respectfully written for the international Rigpa Sangha disciples

On August 28th 2019, at the very moment that I heard the sad news of the departure of the great doctrine upholder, Sogyal Rinpoche, I felt very disheartened. At the same time, I immediately read the Sole Heir of the Doctrine Tantra that Liberates through Contact and the root text on the Great Perfection, the Precious Treasure of the Dharmadhatu, with pure aspirations. My aspirations are that the deceased one fully pacify all obstacles on the grounds and paths and swiftly realize the state of the Primordial Protector, Samantabhadra. I pray that he may once again benefit the doctrine and sentient beings as limitless as space itself.

Whoever is his disciple will certainly feel a sense of deep sadness and loss at this time, for that is the nature of this world of ours. However, that alone will not bring any benefit, so mainly it is crucial to think as follows. With pure faith and samaya that does not waver, one should give rise to a sense of responsibility to ensure that the legacy of Rinpoche’s vast enlightened activity of bringing benefit to the doctrine and beings in this world will continue to be ever-increasing in the years ahead. Holding this aspiration is the responsibility of all disciples. Please, everyone, bear this in mind.

In addition, I think it is of great benefit for Sogyal Rinpoche’s journey through the grounds and paths, as well as all disciples’ purification of deteriorations concerning any aspects of samaya, to recite the Stainless Confession Tantra, as well as to chant the one hundred syllable mantra or the concise six syllable mantra as much as possible at this time.

For myself, I will continue as much as I can to offer prayers and present offerings on Rinpoche’s behalf.

Written at Pharping, Nepal on August 29th 2019, Tibetan 2146, on the 29th day of the sixth month by Khenpo Namdrol.