Bringing Meditation Into Everyday Life

As long as you’re not distracted, whatever you do becomes meditation. If you meditate while you eat, relax or talk, you’ll experience a greater degree of peace. You become more mindful and aware, more conscientious and ethical.

Rather than judge or comment on what you see when you walk down the street, simply allow your mind to be purely aware of the objects you encounter. If you manage to do that, your distraction and worry will gradually dissolve, and your mind will calm down.

When you are less emotionally entangled in what you perceive, you become less defensive with other people. And when you are less defensive, it’s easier to listen to and understand them. People respect you when they feel heard and understood.

Cultivating mindfulness and awareness allows you to accomplish more with less stress and helps you to avoid getting burnt out. It brings you the confidence and stability to lead your life with carefree dignity, ease and humour.