Who Are We?

Who are we really? What is really ‘us’, that is constant and unchanging?

From this morning when you woke up, now while you are reading this page, and tonight until you go to bed, you will have lived with an awareness, a clear, knowing kind of consciousness.

This clear awareness or cognizance—the knowing quality of mind—dwells in our fundamental mind- stream. It is our mind at its purest and most fundamental. This awareness is not only connected with our mind, but also with our heart. It is not only that which knows, but that which feels and understands. It is pure feeling, pure heart. Even amidst the turmoil of our changing thoughts, emotions and fantasies, our fundamental consciousness, this pure awareness, this basic continuum or mind-stream is always with us, constant and unchanging.

This awareness has always been with us, and will always be with us throughout our lifetime. It was there when we were young, and it will be there when we are old. It is there when we are happy, and it is there when we are sad. It is there when things are going well, and it is there when we are in trouble. It is there when we are lonely. It is always there. It is said that this fundamental pure consciousness, this pure awareness of ours, will continue until enlightenment.